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Career and Job Search Resources (all links are clickable)

Making a career change or figuring out what to do next

How to know when it’s time to change careers
3 ways to figure out what to do next with your career
Overall tips for making a career change: Listen to this podcast episode
Career change AMA
Find a career path that fits with what’s important to you: Watch this video and this video
How to find career happiness
How to find the career or company that fits you best
Use your transferable skills to change careers
3 practical exercises to help you figure out what to do next for a career
Change your job or career more easily
How to find your passions
How to find your next career by talking to people (informational interviews)

What to do when you feel stuck or overwhelmed with job search

3 exercises to help you build confidence
Why you’re missing out on the best jobs
The best way to make career decisions
Hesitating to Apply for a Job? Watch This
What to do if you’ve been told you’re not qualified for a job
Dealing with imposter syndrome: Watch this video and listen to this podcast episode
Dealing with rejection
The 2 Most Important Skills for Creating the Career You Want
4 Ways to Make the Best of Your Current Position While Job Searching

Write a resume that gets more interviews

Get your resume noticed with these 3 tips (or read the blog post version)
Submit a resume and get rejected? Tips to get seen (or read the blog post version)
Resume power verbs: Click here to download (get for free with code SOCIETYMEM)

Write a stand-out cover letter
Have an easier time writing cover letters

Strategies for the best and easiest job search

Why you should job search YOUR way
Troubleshoot your job search (the ultimate masterclass)
How to Get Offers Even in a Tough Job Market
4 job search mistakes and how to avoid them
Stay motivated and avoid job search burnout
Working with recruiters
How Career Coach Kate got 3 job offers in 6 weeks
Group calls: April 2022 | July 2022
The Ultimate Job Search Templates Bundle (paid resource)

LinkedIn for Job Search

Make it easier for recruiters to find you: Download the LinkedIn profile optimization checklist
How to use LinkedIn effectively


How to find people
What to say


Questions to ask in the interview: Download the list here
How to answer: “What’s your greatest weakness?”
How to answer: “Why do you want to work here?”
How to answer the tough interview questions
Top tips to nail your next interview
Confidently answer interview questions


How to negotiate effectively

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