Meet Kate

I’m Kate Tudoreanu, the career confidence coach for 20 and 30-somethings.

For a combined 10 years in the nonprofit and public sectors, I’ve been providing job search and career counseling services to individuals looking to transform their lives.

I’ve coached clients in the industries of education, transportation, administration, logistics, welding, healthcare, manufacturing, human services, automotive, marketing and sales to name a few.

While I’ve supported with people at all stages of their career, my passion is working with entry-level and mid-level professionals and new managers.

I know first-hand what it means to pivot in my work life and start fresh. In 2020 I relocated to Michigan so my husband could start his new career.

As the Great Recession began, I graduated from college and found limited job prospects. I was competing for receptionist and case management positions with people who had 10+ years of work experience. Given the economic situation, I entered AmeriCorps VISTA and spent 2 years doing national service. By the time I finished graduate school, I’d gained enough experience in job search best practices to land 3 job offers in only 6 weeks. Now I coach other people so they can skip the months of job search, too.

I’ve been single, married, childless and a mom. Going through many life changes and challenging experiences as a millennial has shaped my passion to help others achieve their definition of success.

I have a Master of Science degree from Columbia University where I specialized in social work and public policy. This gave me the theoretical knowledge to enhance my real world experience. Additionally, I have taken graduate-level career counseling courses at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free career clarity call with me; I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and guide you on the path to your meaningful career match.


  • M.S. Social Work, Accelerated Policy Program, Columbia University
  • Continuing education: Career counseling, Johnson State College and University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing, level 3 certificate
  • Biz Made Easy Coaching Program with Elisabeth Pitt
  • The Aligned Business Launchpad, Heart Behind Hustle with Kamila Gornia
  • Positive Intelligence Coaching Program with Shirzad Chamine
  • Training with Lindsay Maloney (The Confident Coach Club) and Xue Bravo (Social Media Mastery)