What job seekers have said about working with me:

“Thank you again for all of your help and support during my job search. It was extremely beneficial to be able to speak with someone about the highs and lows of finding the right career path and job that fits my lifestyle and values. You have some amazing editing skills and provided excellent feedback on my resumes and Linkedin… I thought it was just ’normal’ to not enjoy your job and just do it for the money. I am so thankful that I took my time and really evaluated my skills and values with you because I could not be happier with the position I am in now… I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to invest in myself and my future.” – McKenzie P.

“Kate, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you provided with my resume and cover letter. You really helped me word my resume and cover letter in a way that highlighted my accomplishments so well and it was obviously noticed during this application process. I also love your style. I can tell you’re so passionate about helping people move forward in their careers and I love that! I’d definitely recommend you to my fellow millennial friends for resume optimization or career counseling. I found your page at the perfect time and it helped me so much. Thank you for everything!” – KB (received a promotion after working together)

“Thank you for helping uplift my achievements in my resume with the “RIGHT CHOICE” of words. Not only you gave meaningful suggestions but also boosted my confidence.” – SD

“Thank you so much! It was so wonderful speaking with you – it was the support and guidance I’ve been needing.” – EM