Career Happiness Launchpad

This is for you if you…

  • Are drained, unhappy, bored or miserable at work
  • Feel uncertain about what direction to take your career in
  • Second-guess your decisions
  • Want to be more confident about your strengths and talents
  • Know that long-term success means working on your mindset
  • Are looking for meaningful work
  • Struggle with or feel overwhelmed by job search
  • Don’t want to go it alone anymore and would benefit from guidance and an unbiased sounding board

Get the following support to build a meaningful career:

  • Personalized coaching responsive to your needs; there’s no cookie-cutter approach dictating what you have to do with your career or how you should job search – you get to make those decisions
  • Feel fully empowered to trust yourself to make career decisions that lead you to a job you enjoy
  • Find a career direction that’s exciting and feels good to you
  • Discover your core values so you can be sure the career, position and companies/organizations you apply to (and ultimately choose) are the right fit
  • Tame your inner critic and break down barriers stopping you from achieving your goals
  • Formulate goals and break them down into achievable steps so you can keep motivation high
  • Take the stress out of interviewing and writing resumes, cover letters and your LinkedIn profile
  • Define your authentic career stories and use them to convey your talents and skills to secure positions
  • Decide which job search techniques play to your strengths so the process is easier and less overwhelming
  • Know your worth so you can negotiate offers and raises with comfort and ease
  • Become more confident in all aspects of your career

6 sessions over 2 months (with the option to add more time if needed)
Email and messenger support between sessions
Resume review
Cover letter review
LinkedIn profile review
As needed templates or video how tos

Let’s work together to grow your confidence, achieve success and start loving Mondays:

If you want to learn more about my journey:

Listen to this podcast episode about Imposter Syndrome

Confidentiality: As a career coach/counselor, I cannot disclose information about you without your written permission. The only exceptions (which are incredibly rare): court orders, releases of information signed with other entities giving them permission to contact me or if you present as a harm to yourself/others.